Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome to the family (Cheirogaleidae)

Two new species were described on (or around) 26 March 2013.  Read the Live Science article Tiny Lemur Twins Are 2 New Species.  Special thanks to fellow lemur enthusiast Margie Deeb for bringing it to my attention.

Mouse lemurs (genus Microcebus) are the smallest of the lemurs, measuring just a few inches in length and weighing less than 100 g (less than 3.5 oz).  This also makes them the smallest living primates.  (Believe it or not, some potentially close relatives of our ancient ancestors were once smaller.)  Mouse lemurs were popularized in the Madagascar movies and related miniseries by the character, Mort.

Since I write lemur articles on Wikipedia, I have created some basic articles for these two new species to summarize the research.
As always, more lemur-related Wikipedia articles are on the way.

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