Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A queen dethroned

On Tuesday, November 25, Janga was diagnosed with diabetes.  Over the past few weeks, she had lost a lot of weight, falling to as little as 3 lbs.  I visited this past weekend, ahead of the scheduled tests, unsure if it would be my last time to see her.  She looked horribly frail and insecure, cuddling behind Obi--something usually seen in submissive ring-tailed lemurs.  It really shook me to see this once proud and fiercely dominant female looking so weak.  Yesterday, lab results on her urine indicated the beginning stages of diabetes, but today's blood work showed it was much more advanced.  The hope now is that a new diet and oral medication can halt her weight loss and hopefully restore her to her former glory.

I plan to visit again this weekend.  Needless to say I will be savoring whatever time I have left with my former queen... and, of course, Obi.

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